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Figure 2
Putative effector-binding site of PaMarR. (a) Cavities of PaMarR. Translucent grey lumps indicate cavities, including the putative effector-binding sites. Palmitic acid molecules are represented as sticks. (b) OMIT map of palmitic acid. The OMIT map (FoFc) is coloured blue and contoured at the 3.0σ level. (c) A cross-section representing a cavity including the putative effector-binding site. Palmitic acid is represented as sticks. (d) Diagram of palmitic acid interactions with adjacent hydrophobic residues. Black and red circles indicate C and O atoms, respectively. (e) Interactions between palmitic acid and adjacent hydrophilic residues. Blue spheres and black dashed lines indicate water molecules and hydrogen bonds, respectively.

Volume 8| Part 5| September 2021| Pages 842-852
ISSN: 2052-2525