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Figure 2
An overview of the Pierre shale sample. (a), (b) Orthogonal attenuation-contrast CT cross sections. (c) A single diffraction pattern obtained from the sample centre with insets shown in (d) and (e). There is strong texture in the clinochlore 001 and illite 001 peaks, marked with black and white arrows, respectively, in (d). The white arrow in (e) points to the overlapping Bragg peaks of quartz {011}, clinochlore [0\bar 23] and illite 022/003. The grid and the missing data are due to detector panel gaps and the beam stop. (f) An indexed diffractogram revealing the sample composition. The low-q Bragg peaks marked with red arrows all display pronounced texture. The intense overlapping peaks of quartz {011}, clinochlore [0\bar 23] and illite 022/003 have been cut in (f) for display purposes. Abbreviations: qu., quartz; cl., clinochlore; ill., illite; mont., montmorillonite; kaol., kaolinite; alb., albite; ort., orthoclase; dol., dolomite; and pyr., pyrite.

Volume 8| Part 5| September 2021| Pages 747-756
ISSN: 2052-2525