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Figure 2
Schematic and performance of an X-ray prism. (a) A schematic of an X-ray prism and the trajectory of a deflected X-ray beam. (b) Incident-angle dependence of the deflection angle and transmission of the prism. The solid blue (red) line indicates the calculated deflection angle at a photon energy of 10 keV (12 keV). The dashed blue (red) line indicates the calculated transmission at 10 keV (12 keV), when the incident-beam width is 0.6 mm (see the supporting information). The black dots indicate the deflection angles examined by the experiment. (c) Images of the deflected X-ray beams while the incident angle to the prism was varied from 5.4 to 27.9°. The bottom image shows the result without the prism. The scale bar denotes 30 µm.

Volume 8| Part 5| September 2021| Pages 713-718
ISSN: 2052-2525