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Figure 2
Sample real space detector images and corresponding image CTFs and FFTs of 5 mg ml−1 apoferritin solutions that were dispensed and blotted on (a) and (b) a Quantifoil UltraAuFoil grid (sample 1) and (c) and (d) a prototype grid (sample 2), both having gold foils with 1.2 µm holes, and then plunge-cooled in boiling LN2. Sample film thicknesses and areal particle densities were typically larger for sample 1 than sample 2. The majority of hole images and FFTs for sample 1 showed evidence of small amounts of crystalline ice, whereas nearly all hole images for sample 2 were fully vitrified.

Volume 8| Part 6| November 2021| Pages 867-877
ISSN: 2052-2525