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Figure 3
Overview of a data series collected using the CdTe EIGER detector, illustrating the impact of higher X-ray energies and detector sensor material. (a) shows the mean unscaled intensity per Bragg spot 〈I〉 as a function of resolution. (b) Mean unscaled signal-to-noise ratio per Bragg spot 〈I/σ(I)〉. (c) Multiplicity-independent merging R value Rmeas. (d) Observed mean diffracted intensity per Bragg spot normalized to the absorbed dose, 〈I〉/D. In all panels the data points reflect the high-resolution limit of each shell; the lowest resolution data point includes reflections over the range 40–5.5 Å.

Volume 8| Part 6| November 2021| Pages 896-904
ISSN: 2052-2525