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Figure 1
Crystal structure of abMltA. (a) General domain composition of MltA. (b) Size-exclusion chromatography profile. The results of SDS–PAGE performed to assess the identity and purity of the target protein are shown to the right of the main peak. The loaded fractions are indicated by a black dashed line. (c) Cartoon representation of two abMltA molecules in an asymmetric unit. Missing residues at the N-terminus of abMltA are shown by a red dashed line. (d) Rainbow-colored cartoon representation of monomeric abMltA. The chain is colored blue to red from the N-terminus to the C-terminus. Helices and sheets are labeled H and S, respectively. (e) A cartoon representation of the structure of abMltA showing the domain boundary in the structure. The putative substrate-binding site is indicated by a black arrow. (f) Putty representation showing the B-factor distribution in the structure of abMltA. Rainbow colors from red to violet in the order of B-factor values were used for visualization. Regions with the highest B-factor values are indicated by a black arrow. (g) Electrostatic surface of abMltA. (h) Superposition of the structures of the molecules in one asymmetric unit.

Volume 8| Part 6| November 2021| Pages 921-930
ISSN: 2052-2525