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Figure 6
Comparison of BraggNN, pseudo-Voigt FF-HEDM and NF-HEDM. (a) Grain positions from NF-HEDM (black squares), pseudo-Voigt FF-HEDM (red circles) and BraggNN FF-HEDM (blue triangles) overlaid on the NF-HEDM confidence map. (b)–(c) Difference in the position of grains between pseudo-Voigt FF-HEDM (b), BraggNN and (c) NF-HEDM as a function of grain size. Color of markers in (b)–(c) represent the mean difference in position of expected and observed diffraction peaks. Size of the markers in (b)–(c) represent the mean internal angle (see text).

Volume 9| Part 1| January 2022| Pages 104-113
ISSN: 2052-2525