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Figure 3
Laue diffraction pattern of copper sulfate pentahydrate recorded at 0.71 GPa, φ = −30°, using the mini-DAC. The pattern is dominated by scattering from the two diamond anvils. Inset A shows a surface plot of the reflection of one anvil (green) and its elongated tail due to residual fluorescence in the detector, the intensity being extremely high compared with that of the 213 and 425 sample reflections (light-blue). Inset B shows eight reflections coming from the sample, reflection 110 of one anvil (green) and reflection 110 of the other anvil (purple). The contrast was adjusted in the insets for the sake of clarity. Inset C represents the pseudo-Kossel line centred on the 011 reflection (green) and a vertical shadow cast by the gasket (magenta).

ISSN: 2052-2525