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Figure 2
(a) Normalized positive magnetization branch measured at room temperature (semi-logarithmic scale). Color-filled circles: M/MS values for which the SANS measurements have been performed. The approach-to-saturation regime, defined as M/MS ≥ 90%, is indicated by the red-shaded area. Inset: plot of the magnetization as a function of 1/Hi (black circles). Red dashed line: linear regression for [\mu_{0}H_{\rm i}\in [10 {\rm\,T} -14\,{\rm T}]] (linear–linear scale). (b) Normalized magnetization curve measured using a Riken Denshi BHS-40 DC hysteresis loop tracer, revealing a coercivity of μ0HC ≃ 0.0049 mT (linear–linear scale).

ISSN: 2052-2525