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Figure 6
Results of the SANS data analysis of (Fe0.7Ni0.3)86B14 alloy. (a) Magnetic field dependence of the (over 2π) azimuthally averaged total (nuclear + magnetic) SANS cross section dΣ/dΩ plotted in Fig. 5[link](a) along with the corresponding fits (black solid lines) based on the micromagnetic SANS theory [Equation (10)[link]]. (b) Weighted mean-squared deviation between experiment and fit, χ2, determined using Equation (13)[link] as a function of the exchange-stiffness constant Aex. Inset: Fe-composition dependence of the magnetocrystalline anisotropy K1 in Fe1−xNix alloys [data taken from the literature (Tarasov, 1939BB34; Hall, 1960BB10)]. Black dashed line: linear regression of K1(x). (c) Best-fit results for the residual scattering cross section dΣres/dΩ (red diamonds), the scattering function SH (orange open circles) and SM (blue open circles). Blue solid line: fit of SM assuming a Lorentzian-squared function for the q-dependence.

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