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Figure 6
(a) Warren plot (Warren & Averbach, 1950BB103) for (h00), (hhh) and (hh0) directions, yielding a graphical representation of microstrain, for the sample thermally treated at 573 K. It represents the standard deviation of the distribution of atomic displacement between couples of unit cells at increasing distance L, from zero to the maximum extension of the crystalline domains along the considered crystallographic direction. (b) and (c) Domain size distributions for both samples. For the phases modelled with WPPM, a lognormal distribution of spherical domains with size D is assumed (coloured solid lines), with volume-weighted mean column height Dv shown as a vertical line. The vertical black line in (b) indicates the volume-averaged mean size from integral breadth, LVol, always considering spherical domains. See the main text for modelling details.

Volume 9| Part 2| March 2022| Pages 272-285
ISSN: 2052-2525