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Figure 5
(a) VAE-encoded 1D latent number z plotted against CLPCA-2 for the input sample patterns. The colour coding is the gain parameter of each pattern. (b) A histogram of latent number z. (c) A histogram of CLPCA-2. (d) The volume `evolution' along z, with volumes calculated with a density threshold equal to 10−4 of the total mass. The dashed horizontal line is the size of the support volume in phase retrieval. Vertical grey lines show the locations of the 12 selected z numbers. (e) The top three rows are the VAE-generated intensity volumes from the 12 selected z numbers on a logarithmic scale, the three rows showing slices in (from row 1 to row 3) the 〈100〉, 〈110〉 and 〈111〉 directions, respectively. The bottom three rows show their corresponding density projections in real space.

Volume 9| Part 2| March 2022| Pages 204-214
ISSN: 2052-2525