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Figure 1
(a) Overall structure of R. sphaeroides RC (PDB entry 3v3y). PA and PB, special pair of bacteriochlorophylls; BA and BB, monomeric bacteriochlorophylls; HA and HB, bacteriopheophytins; QA and QB, quinones; SPN, carotenoid spheroidene. (b) Bacteriochlorophylls in the structure of wild-type R. sphaeroides RC. The view is along the axis of twofold symmetry from the periplasmic side of the membrane. His L168 and Phe M197 near the acetyl carbonyl groups of BChls PA and PB are shown. His L173 and His M202 are ligands of BChls PA and PB, respectively.

Volume 9| Part 2| March 2022| Pages 261-271
ISSN: 2052-2525