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Figure 2
The I923.40N mutant structure of A2AAR in complex with UK-432097. (a) The overall structure with agonist UK-432097 shown as yellow sticks and Asn923.40 shown as spheres. (b) A zoomed-in view of the region around Asn923.40 within the mutant structure. Hydrophilic interactions are marked with red dashed lines. (c) A superposition of the mutant structure with the intermediate-state WT structure (PDB ID 3qak). The electronic densities between Asn92 and Trp246 are shown at 2FoFc of 1.0σ. In the WT structure the carbons are shown as light orange.

Volume 9| Part 3| May 2022| Pages 333-341
ISSN: 2052-2525