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Figure 5
LPMO Cu sites in the oligosaccharide-bound structures of LsAA9_A(f) [(a) 7pyd and (b) 7pyi] and LsAA9_A(Ec) [(c) 7pyu and (d) 7pz0] at the lowest and highest X-ray doses. For both LsAA9_A(f) and LsAA9_A(Ec) at higher X-ray doses, the equatorial Cl ion (green spheres, present from crystallization conditions) increases its distance relative to the Cu atom. The Tyr164-O to Cu distance is, in all cases, shorter than for the substrate-free structures presented in Fig. 2[link]. Active-site distances are listed in Table 3[link]. 2FoFc electron density is shown at a 1.0 contour level as blue mesh.

Volume 9| Part 5| September 2022| Pages 666-681
ISSN: 2052-2525