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Figure 1
DHP-B crystals and diffraction patterns. (a) Perdeuterated DHP-B crystal grown in MPEG 2000, crystal volume ∼0.3 mm3. (b) Protiated DHP-B crystal grown in PEG 4000, crystal volume ∼2.0 mm3. (c) Representative quasi-Laue neutron diffraction pattern of ferric DHP-B measured at ORNL. The image was obtained from a 20 h neutron exposure. (d) Typical DHP-B microcrystals grown in batch mode (longest dimension 15–50 µm). (e) Image obtained from microcrystals by Laue diffraction at the APS BioCARS beamline. (f) Diffraction image obtained from microcrystals by SFX at SACLA. (g) Diffraction image from the SSX data measured on beamline I24 at Diamond Light Source using monochromatic X-rays.

Volume 9| Part 5| September 2022| Pages 610-624
ISSN: 2052-2525