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Figure 4
(a)–(c) [210] and (e)–(g) [110] reciprocal space sections reconstructed from three 3DED series acquired on the same crystal, but with the grid rotated over 45° (series 2) and 90° (series 3) clockwise compared with series 1. (d) and (h) Intensity profiles of the diffuse streaks indicated in (a)–(c) and (e)–(g). (i) LMR-NMC crystal on which all 3DED series and SAED patterns have been acquired. The rotation axes corresponding to series 1, 2 and 3 are indicated. (j) [110] SAED pattern, which corresponds to the same orientation as the reciprocal space sections in (e)–(g). (k) The same SAED pattern but acquired with a precession angle of 1°. The reflections circled in blue in (j) and (k) can be attributed to dynamical diffraction. (l) Intensity profile of the diffuse streaks indicated in (j) and (k).

Volume 9| Part 5| September 2022| Pages 695-704
ISSN: 2052-2525