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Figure 9
Assessment of com­pound I (highlighted in red) as a TTA candidate, com­pared to several known TTA chromophores. The energy release in the singlet pathway, [E_{\rm TTA,S}^{\rm loss}] = 2T1S1, is plotted on the x axis and the energy release in the com­peting triplet pathway, [E_{\rm TTA,T}^{\rm loss}] = 2T1T2, is plotted on the y axis. The dashed line on the left correspond to the [E_{\rm TTA,S}^{\rm loss}] of rubrene and the dashed line on the right corresponds to the [E_{\rm TTA,S}^{\rm loss}] of pyrene. The region delineated by the two diagonal lines is where most experimentally known TTA chromophores are found in Wang et al. (2020BB109).

Volume 10| Part 1| January 2023| Pages 131-142
ISSN: 2052-2525