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Figure 5
Dynamical simulation for the path of the 000 beam through reciprocal space (red line) in the silicon cRED data set, corresponding to 1387 frames (goniometer rotation of 143° about α). Frame numbers are indicated; note that one division = 5 frames = 0.5175° = 9 mrad. Each dark line corresponds to a Bragg condition for a diffracted beam, two of which ([{\overline 9} \, {\overline 3} \, {\overline 3}], frames 30–50, and 311, frames 545–590) are labelled. Below the simulation, the experimental intensity of the 000 beam is shown. Some features that are clearly present in both simulation and experiment are indicated by arrows. The [110] zone axis lies a few degrees below the beam path around frame 670.

Volume 10| Part 1| January 2023| Pages 118-130
ISSN: 2052-2525