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Figure 8
(a) The intersections with Bragg conditions for eight reflections in the first Si Felix simulation. Frame numbers are given at the bottom of the image and the frame in which each peak intensity is found is marked by a vertical blue line. The intersection of the blue line with its Bragg condition is marked by a yellow dot (yellow lines correspond to an error of ±0.5 frames). The horizontal red line marks the nominal beam path (output from PETS) and if the crystal orientation was correct the yellow dots would all lie on this line. (b) The best fit to a straight line is obtained by shifting the blue lines by −2.5 frames. (c) R1 calculation using an optimized beam path and a specimen thickness of 185 nm. R1 = 10.0%

Volume 10| Part 1| January 2023| Pages 118-130
ISSN: 2052-2525