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Figure 1
Morphology and structural evolutionary processes of the core-shell phase transition. (a)–(g) Time-resolved micrographs of a crystal crystallized from a solution containing 6.5 mM UA, hydro­chloric acid, water and 0.14 M NaCl at pH 5.5. The scale bar is 50 µm. MC – mother crystal, CS – core-shell crystal, CC –complex crystal, PC – pure crystal. (h)–(o) SEM images of the crystal isolated at different stages. The scale bar is 25 µm. (p) Size evolution of the length and width of the shell phase (inset, upper left). Schematic representation of a core-shell crystal (inset, upper right). The size evolution of the length and width of the core phase. (q) PXRD patterns of the crystal obtained at different stages. (r) and (s) TEM images and SAED patterns of MC initially formed and the resultant PC. The scale bar is 400 nm in the TEM images and 5 nm−1 in the SAED patterns. (t) Schematic illustration of the morphology evolution of the crystal at different stages.

ISSN: 2052-2525