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Figure 5
Crystallization regime of core-shell crystals. (a) Four types of urate crystals formed under various crystallization conditions. (b) Crystallization map of four types of urate crystals. The spots of different colors represent different crystal types, the shadows with corresponding colors are interpolated to guide the eye. (c) Induction time distribution for crystallization of different types of crystals as a function of solution super-saturation (relative to the UAD phase). Inset represents the induction time distribution for a type-I crystal plotted as super-saturation relative to the UAA phase. (d) and (e) Topology of the basal (001) surface of the type-II crystal and (f) step height profiles marked by white lines in (e). (g) and (h) Topology of the basal (001) surface of the type-III crystal and (i) 3D view of the (001) surface.

ISSN: 2052-2525