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Figure 6
Crystallization kinetic profile of type-III crystals accompanied by a solvent-mediated phase transformation. (a) Time-resolved depletion profile of the urate concentration (black circles) and the corresponding pH (pink diamond) evolution profile in solution crystallized from a 6.5 mM urate concentration at an initial pH of 5.1. The lines are interpolated to guide the eye. I – crystallization of the UAD phase, II – solvent-mediated phase transformation from UAD to UAA. The blue- and red-dashed lines represent the solubility of UAD and UAA, respectively, measured and interpolated from experimental data (Fig. S4). The inset highlights the crystallization kinetic profile before 10 h. (b) Crystal morphology evolution of type-III crystals over time observed under an optical microscope. The scale bar is 50 µm.

ISSN: 2052-2525