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Figure 2
Structure and activity comparison of abTrx2 with abTrx1. (a) Sequence alignment of abTrx2 with abTrx1. Conserved residues are marked in red. (b) Superimposition of abTrx1 (cyan) and abTrx2 (blue and pink) for structural comparison. (c) A magnified view of the CxxC redox centers from the superposed structures of abTrx1 (cyan) and abTrx2 (blue). Residues forming the CxxC redox centers are labeled. (d) Comparison of B-factor distribution between abTrx1 and abTrx2. Putty representations are provided for visualizing B-factor distribution. (e) A MALS profile derived from the main SEC peak of abTrx2. The experimental MALS data (red line) are plotted as SEC elution volume (x axis) versus absolute molecular mass (y axis) distributions on the SEC chromatogram (black) at 280 nm. (f) Trx activity analysis by DTNB reduction assay. The reduction of DTNB by abTrxR was tested in the presence of abTrx1 and abTrx2. Error bars indicate the standard deviation for three independent experiments (n = 3).

Volume 10| Part 2| March 2023| Pages 147-155
ISSN: 2052-2525