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Figure 3
Structural comparison of abTrx2 with isoforms from different species. (a) A table summarizing the results of a DALI search. (b) Structural superimposition of abTrx2 with the top three structures that were identified as structural homologues by the DALI server (Holm & Sander, 1995BB41) (rc: R. capsulatus; yp: Y. pestis; dr: D. radiodurans). The PDB IDs are provided in the parentheses. (c),(d) Pairwise structural superimposition of abTrx2 (blue) with (c) rcTrx2 (orange) and (d) ypTrx2 (magenta). (e) Pairwise structural comparison of abTrx2 (blue) with drTrx2 (green). (f) A magnified view of the zinc-finger domain from the superposed structures of abTrx2 (blue) and drTrx2 (green). (g) Structural superposition of the zinc-finger domains of abTrx2 (blue) and drTrx2 (green).

Volume 10| Part 2| March 2023| Pages 147-155
ISSN: 2052-2525