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Figure 1
The two most often employed scattering geometries in magnetic SANS experiments. (a) External magnetic field B perpendicular to the incoming neutron beam (Bk0) and (b) Bk0. Note that Bez in both geometries. The momentum-transfer or scattering vector q corresponds to the difference between the wavevectors of the incident (k0) and scattered (k1) neutrons, i.e. q = k0k1; its magnitude for elastic scattering is given by [q = 4\pi/\lambda\sin(\psi/2)], where λ is the mean wavelength of the neutrons and ψ is the scattering angle. The angle θ is used to describe the angular anisotropy of the recorded scattering pattern on the two-dimensional position-sensitive detector.

Volume 10| Part 3| May 2023| Pages 261-269
ISSN: 2052-2525