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Figure 2
Results for the magnetization and the SANS observables of a dilute ensemble of uniaxial Stoner–Wohlfarth particles with ku1 = +1 and ku2 = 0 [case (i)] (Bk0). The (spherical) particle diameter is D = 10 nm. (a) Two-dimensional magnetic SANS cross sections dΣM, ⊥/dΩ at saturation (sat), remanence (rem) and at the coercive field (coe); (b) hysteresis loop [\overline{m}_{z}(B)] (the reduced remanence and the coercivity are indicated); (c) one-dimensional 2π azimuthally averaged magnetic SANS cross sections [I_{\perp}(q) = ({{{\rm d}\Sigma_{M,\perp}} / {{\rm d}\Omega}})(q)]; (d) pair-distance distribution functions p(r); (e) correlation functions c(r); and (f) anisotropy parameter A(B).

Volume 10| Part 3| May 2023| Pages 261-269
ISSN: 2052-2525