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Figure 2
MicroED structure of suspended drop Proteinase K. (a) Suspended drop viewed from the top and imaged by (b) light microscopy or (c) UV. A frozen suspended drop specimen was loaded into the FIB/SEM and imaged normal to the grid surface by (d) SEM and (e) iFLM with the 385 nm LED to locate submerged crystals. (f) The targeted crystal site was milled into a 300 nm-thick lamella. (g) Example of MicroED data acquired from the crystal lamella. The highest resolution reflections are visible to 2.1 Å (red arrow). The resolution ring is shown at 2.0 Å (blue). (h) Cartoon representation of the proteinase K with a blue N terminus and a red C terminus. The 2mFoDFc map of a selected α-helix is highlighted, which was contoured at 1.5σ with a 2 Å carve.

Volume 10| Part 4| July 2023| Pages 430-436
ISSN: 2052-2525