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Figure 8
Comparison of simulations with different specimen thicknesses. (a), (b) Phase of the exit wave for the minimal and maximal ice thicknesses of 19.5 and 94.5 nm, respectively. (c), (d) CTEM simulations for the minimal and maximal ice thicknesses. The total specimen thickness is given in the captions. (e) FRC curves of 2D class averages from 500 CTEM simulations with defocus values randomly distributed over 0.1 to 1.0 µm for different specimen thicknesses of 34.5, 64.5 and 94.5 nm. The exit wave of the central slices that contain TMV is used as the reference. The average is performed with CTEM images that are phase flipped and the additional propagation is considered as an additional defocus. The scale bar is 25 Å.

Volume 10| Part 4| July 2023| Pages 475-486
ISSN: 2052-2525