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Figure 9
Comparison of conventional and scanning TEM simulations. The total specimen thickness Δzspecimen = 19.5 nm (with no water molecules on the top or bottom surfaces). (a)–(c) Integrated COM, and phase and modulus of an SSB reconstruction. For the iCOM reconstruction, a deconvolution with the magnitude squared of an aberration-free probe was performed to show the reconstructed σV. (d)–(f) Complete power spectra of CTEM, iCOM and SSB on the left, and up to spatial frequencies of 0.25 Å−1 on the right. (g) FRC curves with respect to the phase of the OTF. For SSB and WDD, only the phase was used, and for the CTEM simulation a defocus of −500 nm and no other aberrations were used. The CTEM simulation was back-propagated to the centre of the specimen. The scale bar is 25 Å.

Volume 10| Part 4| July 2023| Pages 475-486
ISSN: 2052-2525