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The structure of germanium dichloride–1,4-dioxane (1/1), GeCl2[C4H8O2], (1), has been redetermined at 173 K and refined in space group C2/c, rather than Cc which was used in the original determination by Kulishov, Bokii, Struchkov, Nefedov, Kolesnikov & Perl'mutter [Zh. Strukt. Khim. (1970), 11, 61–64]. The data from the original determination had already been used to redetermine the structure of (1) in the revised space group C2/c [Marsh (1997). Acta Cryst. B53, 317–322] but here we present a more accurate structure determination using new data. The Ge—Cl bond length is 2.2813 (5) Å. The structure consists of infinite chains of alternating GeCl2 and C4H8O2 molecules with a Ge...O distance of 2.399 (1) Å.

Supporting information


Crystallographic Information File (CIF)
Contains datablocks global, s9666


Structure factor file (CIF format)
Contains datablock s9666

CCDC reference: 130709

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