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A number of services are available to authors of articles in Acta Crystallographica Section C. The aim is to provide a publication process that is as smooth and rapid as possible.

These pages give links to instructions on how to prepare your article for submission and tools to help you do this, details of what to do about supporting information, and utilities to track the status of your article once it has been accepted and is in production.

Authors can pay to make their articles open access but there are no other page charges for publishing in Acta Crystallographica Section C.

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Most recent collection

Halogen, chalcogen, pnictogen and tetrel bonds: structural chemistry and beyond (May 2023)

Exciting upcoming collection

Advances in Electron Diffraction for Structural Characterization (2024) - Submit

Selected previous collections

Polyoxometalates (November 2018)

NMR Crystallography (March 2017)

Scorpionates: a golden anniversary (November 2016)

Full details are available on the collections page.

An interesting collection of previously published articles features Coordination polymers, with an introduction by Len Barbour.

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