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The title compound, [Co(CF3)(C18H15P)(CO)3], has a trigonal bipyramidal geometry with the trifluoromethyl and trifluorophosphine ligands occupying the trans axial positions. The three carbonyl ligands occupy the planar equatorial positions. Both the trifluoromethyl and triphenylphosphine ligands are in a staggered conformation relative to the carbonyl ligands in the equatorial plane. The structure of the title compound is similar to other alkylcobalt tricarbonyl triphenylphosphines. Important bond distances include: Co-CF3 = 1.953 (6), Co-P1 = 2.235 (1); Co-CO (mean) = 1.752; P1-C (mean) = 1.822 Å.

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CCDC reference: 128645

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