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The contrast-variation technique in neutron scattering experiments plays a pivotal role in distinguishing partial structures within multi-component complexes, facilitating the elucidation of distinct sample constituents. This differentiation is achieved using different isotopes, namely hydrogen and deuterium, which possess varying neutron scattering characteristics. This study presents a novel vapor generator designed for neutron scattering experiments, enabling continuous control of the D2O/H2O ratio of the vapor. This feature is especially useful for contrast-variation studies. The generator features two saturators and four mass flow controllers, allowing for the rapid and independent generation of D2O/H2O vapors. Additionally, the incorporation of the two-temperature method ensures accurate dew point control within a margin of ±0.2°Cdp. This setup proves useful for conducting time-resolved experiments and can accelerate research on functional polymers, such as polymer electrolyte membranes for fuel cells, where water potential assumes critical importance.

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Figure S1 of the sample chamber

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