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The title complex, [Cu3{(NO2)2C6H3COO}6(CH3OH)2]n, is a linear polymeric chain with the dinitrobenzoate ions forming all bridges. The chain is linked across Cu(CH3OH)2 units on symmetry centres and includes fourfold bridged pairs of Cu atoms with a Cu...Cu separation of 2.616 (2) Å. The latter Cu atoms are five-coordinated, surrounded by square pyramids of carboxylate O atoms, each with a long apical Cu—O distance of 2.169 (2) Å and four short basal Cu—O distances in the range 1.951 (3)–1.959 (2) Å. The coordination in the Cu(CH3OH)2 unit is completed by two carboxylate O atoms to give a square-planar arrangement, with Cu—O distances of 1.933 (2) and 1.937 (2) Å.

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CCDC reference: 129676

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