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The small-angle neutron scattering instrument, SANS-U, owned by the Institute for Solid State Physics, The University of Tokyo, has been upgraded. The SANS-U is a 32 m SANS instrument installed in 1991 at the guide hall of the JRR-3M research reactor of the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, and has been serving for inter-university cooperative research use since 1993. The major upgrades include (i) replacement of the two-dimensional area detector by a multi-wire type position-sensitive proportional counter, (ii) renewal of the operating system from a VAX and sequencers to an integrated PXI system controlled by LabVIEW-RT software, (iii) a focusing collimation system, and (iv) a variety of accessory equipment. These upgrades provide a wide dynamic range of neutron counting, user-friendly operation and real-time circular averaging of two-dimensional data.

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