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The title compound, tetrakis(μ-cysteinato-N,S:S)tetrakis[chloro­palladium(II)] dimethyl sulfoxide diethyl ether (1/3/1) solvate, [Pd(μ-C3H6NSO2)Cl]4.3(CH3)2SO.(CH3CH2)2O, contains four nearly square-planar units in each of which the palladium(II) ion is bound to two doubly bridging thiol­ate anions from two N,S-bidentate cysteinate ligands, the amino group from one of these ligands, and a chloride anion. The two Pd...Pd distances in the pairs that are not bridged by the thiolate ligands are 3.203 (1) and 3.239 (1) Å. If there is any covalent bonding across these distances, it must be very weak.

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CCDC reference: 130153

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