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In the title complex, [Co(C2HCl2)(C4H7N2O22(C5H5N)].CHCl3, the Co atom exhibits a distorted octahedral coordination with the two dimethylglyoximate (dmgH) ligands in equatorial positions [Co-N 1.891 (2)-1.897 (3) Å]. The axial positions are occupied by the pyridine (py) and cis-1,2-dichlorovinyl ligands [N-Co-C 179.0 (1)°], which are nearly coplanar. The Co-C1 distance is 1.958 (3) Å. The Co-Npy bond length of 2.028 (2) Å indicates a lower trans influence for the dichlorovinyl ligand compared with alkyl ligands.

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CCDC reference: 128019

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