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The title compound, [Mn(C10H6NO2)2(H2O)2], contains a six-coordinate Mn atom at a center of symmetry. The Mn atom displays distorted octahedral coordination. 2-Quinolinecarboxylate anions lie in a trans position to each other, forming the equatorial plane and the water ligands occupy the axial positions. In the equatorial plane, the Mn–ligand distances and the bite angle of the ligand are Mn—O 2.131 (2), Mn—N 2.315 (2) Å, O—Mn—N 74.85 (7)°. In the axial direction, Mn—OH2 2.185 (2) and O—Mn—N 91.10 (8)°. Molecules are linked by a three-dimensional O-H...O hydrogen-bonding network involving water molecules and carboxylate groups.

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CCDC reference: 128828

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