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The title acid, 8-aminooctanoic acid, C8H17NO2, crystallized in the centrosymmetric space group P21/n in the zwitterionic form. The three H atoms involved in hydrogen bonding are ordered. The five intermolecular N—H...O hydrogen bonds have N...O distances ranging from 2.752 (2) to 3.258 (2) Å and N—H...O angles ranging from 131 (2) to 165 (2) °. Each molecule is linked to six neighboring molecules by a total of ten hydrogen bonds. A complex network of hydrogen bonds ensues in which chains predominate.

Supporting information


Crystallographic Information File (CIF)
Contains datablocks global, fr1103


Structure factor file (CIF format)
Contains datablock fr1103

CCDC reference: 130178

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