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An intrinsic Ge detector is used to analyze the energy spectrum of a well collimated X-ray beam of white radiation diffracted from powder samples of Al, Mg and Ti. Two spectra on each sample are measured at scattering angles where reflections hkl and 2h' 2k' 2l occur at the same energies. The Bragg reflections are separated by fitting a model for the different components of scattering to the total spectrum. The thermal-motion parameter B is determined from the intensity ratio of several pairs of reflections. Most of the uncertainties due to a non-ideal sample or errors in the experimental parameters cancel out in the expression for B. The values of B are 0.86 (2) Å2 for Al, Ba = 1.29 (8) Å2 and Bc = 1.60 (9) Å2 for Mg and Ba = 0.63 (4) Å2 and Bc = 0.73 (7) Å2 for Ti, where Ba is for directions perpendicular to the c axis and Bc for the direction of the c axis. The results are in agreement with published values of the thermal-motion parameters.
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