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The water-coordinated Sn atom in the centrosymmetric title compound, (C10H10N3)2[Sn2(C7H2NO5)2(C4H9)4(H2O)2].2H2O, is seven-coordinate in a trans-C2SnNO4 pentagonal bipyramidal geometry [C-Sn-C = 156.6 (1)°]. The dianion is linked to two planar 2,2'-iminodipyridinium(1+) cations through the lattice water molecules via the amino bridges [Owater...Namino = 2.810 (5), Owater...Ohydroxy = 2.633 (4) and Owater...Ocarbonyl = 2.927 (5) Å]. A weaker water-water interaction connects the ion pair into a linear helical chain.

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Crystallographic Information File (CIF)
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Contains datablock ta1200

CCDC reference: 130230

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