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An image-plate (IP) detector coupled with high-energy synchrotron radiation was used for atomic pair distribution function (PDF) analysis, with high probed momentum transfer Qmax ≤ 28.5 Å−1, from crystalline materials. Materials with different structural complexities were measured to test the validity of the quantitative data analysis. Experimental results are presented for crystalline Ni, crystalline α-AlF3, and the layered Aurivillius type oxides α-Bi4V2O11 and γ-Bi4V1.7Ti0.3O10.85. Overall, the diffraction patterns show good counting statistics, with measuring time from one to tens of seconds. The PDFs obtained are of high quality. Structures may be refined from these PDFs, and the structural models are consistent with the published literature. Data sets from similar samples are highly reproducible.

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