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MIPS (metal interactions in protein structures) is a database of metals in the three-dimensional macromolecular structures available in the Protein Data Bank. Bound metal ions in proteins have both catalytic and structural functions. The proposed database serves as an open resource for the analysis and visualization of all metals and their interactions with macromolecular (protein and nucleic acid) structures. MIPS can be searched via a user-friendly interface, and the interactions between metals and protein molecules, and the geometric parameters, can be viewed in both textual and graphical format using the freely available graphics plug-in Jmol. MIPS is updated regularly, by means of programmed scripts to find metal-containing proteins from newly released protein structures. The database is useful for studying the properties of coordination between metals and protein molecules. It also helps to improve understanding of the relationship between macromolecular structure and function. This database is intended to serve the scientific community working in the areas of chemical and structural biology, and is freely available to all users, around the clock, at .

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