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New synchrotron source in the UK

Dr Mike Dexter, Director of the Wellcome Trust, announced on 13 July 1998 a £100 million ($160 million) contribution towards a new high-intensity X-ray synchrotron machine to replace the SRS at Daresbury. This is part of a new partnership between the UK Government and the Wellcome Trust, the world's largest biomedical research charity. Dr Dexter said, `This machine is critical for resolving the structure of small molecules which make up living organisms and is an essential tool for our structural biologists, who have been leading the world for many years, and whose work has been recognized by the award of several Nobel Prizes, including one only last year.' CLRC Daresbury Laboratory and the UK synchrotron radiation user community have been pursuing a machine called DIAMOND to meet these needs. The Wellcome Trust funding brings DIAMOND much closer but additional government funding will still be required.

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