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Figure 5
(a)–(c) RNA-rich regions, as detected by the program ESSENS. Groups of 6–22 nucleotides with commonly observed RNA folds (e.g. duplexes or single chains) were used. One T30S pair was subjected to the search and all the suggestions provided by the program for RNA assignments are shown. (a) The Z projection of the entire tetragonal unit cell. Note the apparent pairing in each corner around the twofold axis. Only a single T30S pair was subjected to the search. (b) and (c) Details from (a) showing the RNA regions along the interparticle contact area. (d) Part of the 7.2 Å MIR map of T30S that was manually assigned as a single-stranded RNA chain and a stretch of six nucleotides fitted into a part of it. Note the contacts made between this chain and its neighbouring regions. (e) A part of the 7.2 Å MIR map of T30S, manually fitted as a well separated RNA duplex. One base pair is clearly shown. Note the higher density (in green) along the main chain.

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