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SESAME goes to Jordan

The interim council of SESAME met in Cairo on 12–13 March 2001. The meeting was chaired by Professor Schopper. Two days of intensive discussions led to a strong commitment for the project to be started immediately in Jordan by the ten member countries present at the meeting. Jordan's education minister, Dr Khaled Toukan, committed his Government to providing funds for the construction of the SESAME hall. The construction will start in early autumn and it is expected that BESSY-1, which is to be upgraded to SESAME, will be shipped in the summer to Jordan.[link]

[Figure 1]
Figure 1
Dr Herman Winick, who had suggested the concept of SESAME on a boat trip on the river Nile with Professor Moshe Deutsch (Israel), Professor Salman Salman (Palestine) and Professor Dincer Ulku (Turkey, and Vice Chairman of the SESAME council).
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