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DIAMOND gets its boss

Professor Gerhard Materlik has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer for DIAMOND. He will take up this position on 15 October 2001. The appointment, which has been made jointly by the OST, the Wellcome Trust and the French Government, is for an initial period of seven years. Dr John Taylor, Director General of the UK's Research Councils said, “I am delighted to welcome Professor Gerhard Materlik as Chief Executive Officer for the DIAMOND Synchrotron Project. Professor Materlik's considerable expertise and experience in the field of synchrotron radiation will be fundamental to the success of this world-class facility.” Dr Mike Dexter, Director of the Wellcome Trust, said, “Professor Materlik has an impressive track record in synchrotron and related science. We believe he has all the necessary credentials to successfully lead the project, together with the energy and enthusiasm to contribute towards creating one of the UK's most significant scientific resources of our time.”[link]

[Figure 1]
Figure 1
Professor Gerhard Materlik.
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