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SESAME goes higher in energy

The Interim Council of SESAME held its seventh meeting in Amman, Jordan, on 17–18 December 2001. Professor Herwig Schopper, President of the Interim Council, chaired the meeting. Delegates representing Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, the Palestine Authority, Turkey and the UAE, the Co-Chairs of the Scientific and Technical Committees and UNESCO staff at headquarters and at the Amman office attended. Observers and invited guests included representatives from the Governments of France, Germany, Japan, Sudan, Sweden, the UK and the USA. A representative of the European Commission attended.

After listening to the report of the Technical Director and the Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee, the Interim Council asked the Technical Director to work out in detail his proposal to increase the SESAME energy to 2 GeV, which would require new bending magnets but no superconducting wiggler. This option should be considered as the favoured one.

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