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Thailand source (Siam photon project) takes off

The SIAM photon project reached an important milestone recently when it reached stored-beam status for users' operation. The SIAM source, located in Nakon Ratchasima in Thailand, is a 1 GeV storage ring with a booster synchrotron of 1 GeV and a 40 MeV injector LINAC. The SIAM project has been led by Professor Ishii, one of the founding Co-editors of the Journal of Synchrotron Radiation. The source has a DBA lattice with a circumference of 81.3 m and four 7 m-long straight sections. A view of one of the first experimental beamlines is shown below[link], along with the beam status of a recent run showing the starting current of 86 mA[link].

[Figure 1]
Figure 1
One of the first experimental beamlines of the SIAM source.
[Figure 2]
Figure 2
The beam status of a recent run of the SIAM source.
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